Welcome to Darke County, Ohio

Will Book A-1, 1819-1836 is now completed. Please read on.

This is an experimental area of Darke County research that I hope will continue to grow and offer more as time passes. Here you will find the scanned wills of Darke County residents from Will Book A-1, 1819-1836. You will find that some may be difficult to read.

After viewing a will page, use your Back button to return to the index page as I have used the largest scans possible to facilitate reading the wills. This left no room for including "forward" or "next" links. You may also move to the next page by changing the link in your browser to the next higher page number.

After viewing page a href=001.jpg, change the ending 001.jpg to 002.jpg to go to the next page of the will. The exception is pages 62 to 71 where there was a page numbering error and the book skips from page 61 to page 72; also the pages between 235-237 are blank.

Will Book A-1 is now complete with page 239. There are four will index pages following this page.

Will Book B-1 contains mainly duplicates the wills found in Book A-1 but I plan to go through those and to scan any from that book that might be additional wills not recorded in Book A-1. I hope these pages will be helpful in your search for your Darke County ancestors.

Click HERE to view Page 1 of the Will Index.

Thank You,
Jane Barr Torres