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       The Kindling  is the quarterly newsletter of the Darke Co. Genealogical Society. Members of the Society (see Society Page for membership information) receive issues as part of their membership. Many members of the Society do not have computers or modems and only see those queries and other articles printed in The Kindling. They can't help you if they can't see your questions.
       As a service to the Darke Co. Genealogical Society, the following submission form is being provided by DCOWeb so that you may submit your queries to The Kindling  from your computer while you are on-line. The Society will collect them as e-mail and publish your query in their newsletter as space and time permit. There is no charge for this service, but the Society and DCOWeb encourge your future and/or continuing support participation in the Society as a member.
IMPORTANT NOTE:  Information you submit below will -not- be posted on a web page. It will be processed on the DCOWeb server and sent as e-mail to a collection point where it will be printed to paper and then processed by the Society as a query for their publication. Your street address is essential for readers of The Kindling to be able to contact you, but the information will not be posted on the Web. If you wish to post a query to be seen on the Internet, please see DCOWeb's Queries Board.
Kindling  Query Submission Form
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After you press the Submit button below, you will be taken to a page showing what you submitted. If you want a copy, please print that 'success' page for your files. Remember, EVERY field above must contain something. If you haven't answered every question, you will get an error message to return to the form. Use your BACK key to escape the 'success' page.


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