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School #7, Wayne Township, Darke County, Ohio
School Years 1920/21-1922/23; 1924/25; 1927/28

Grades 1-4, 1920-1921
Grades 1-4, 1921-1922
Grades 3-4, 1922-1923
Grades 5-8, 1922-1923
Grades 5-8, 1924-1925, pt.1
Grades 5-8, 1924-1925, pt.2
Grades 5-8, 1927-1928

These pictures were contributed by Mr. Bruce McCrea. His father, Paul McCrea was a student at School #7 during the 1920s and is in all the photographs. Bruce explained, "This school had two classrooms, one for grades 1-4 and the other for grades 5-8."

Bruce told me, "Paul grew up on a farm on the Wayne-Adams Township line just west of Webster. He completed first through eighth grade in Wayne Twp School #7 from 1920-1 to 1927-8. After completing the eighth grade, he wanted to go to Versailles High School, in Wayne Township, with his friends. Because part of the farm was in Adams Township, however, there was also the option to attend Gettysburg High School, in Adams Township. This was a consolidated school district and had school buses. Because of the opportunity to use the school buses, his parents decided he should attend Gettysburg High School. He graduated from Gettysburg High School in 1932 and from Miami University, with an education degree, in 1936. For the next six years, he taught both vocal and instrumental music at all grade levels, first through twelfth, at Monroe Township School in Pitsburg, Darke County. He led the orchestra and girls and boys glee clubs, directed elementary school and high school operettas each year, and organized and directed the first school band. The Monroe Township schools have long since been merged into Franklin-Monroe."

Our thanks to both Bruce and Paul McCrea for this contribution. And, our congratulations to Paul on his wonderful memory!

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