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Submitted by:
Susan H. Kendall, Director 
Preble County District Library

We have come into possession of the 44th annual commencement program for Greenville High School - May 23, 1918 Henry St. Clair Memorial Hall. 
The class roll is as follows (spelled as shown): 
    Walter Bauer, Leland Blackwell, Cloy Clemmens, Carl Cole, Joseph Cole, Bloice Davison, Ralph Ford, Walter Gilbert, Paul Halladay, James Harding, Ralph Huber, Kemper Hur, Burley Laurimore, Ralph Lephart, Clarence Maher, Lawrence Maher, Clement McCabe, Morris Menke, William Miller, Robert Norris, John Oliver, George Schmermund, Wilbur Spidel,  Robert Swartz, Harry Stephens, John Stubbs, James Emerson Thomas, Earl Ungericht, Ralph Vance, Harold Waggoner, Harry Ward, Doyle Warner, Purl Warner, Paul James Williams, Delbert Wilson, Stanley Young. 
    Agnes Altic, Ina Beanblossom, Agnes Bowman, Grace Bowman, Lois Brumbaugh, Caroline Bryson, Florence Byrd, Iva Deeter, Lucile Dunham, Frances Eaton, Laverna Ludy, Anna Mae McClellan, Brieta McFerron, Elda  Norris, Gladys Perry, Marie Pearce, Olive Peirce, Norma Powell, Thelma Reed, Helen Ries, Olive Schell, Ruth Scherer, Cecil Stocker, Ruth Stoltz, Flora Thomas, Ruth Weisenbarger, Viola Weibusch, Kate Warner, Mary Warner. 
HS Faculty:
    Frederick Roehm, Principal; Anna Bier, Art; Lelia B. Brindley, English; Mabel E. Brindley, Physical training and household arts; Floyd G. Beam, Athletics and manual training; Grace Cowles, Household arts; Hazel Caldwell, Commercial dept.; J. W. Gowdy, General science & Latin; Edna Kidwell, History & English; G. A. McLeary, Mathematics; H. C. Metzger, Physics & Chemistry; Eugenia Trout Patterson, Latin & Spanish; Evelyn Roberts, Music; Myra Swisher, English; W. D. Sterrett, Science & Mathematics; Harter Wheeler, History; Alice Winger, English & Mathematics. 
Board of Education: 
    J. O. Winters, President; Chas. Minnich, Vice President; Chas. R. Kemble, Manager Memorial Hall; Frazer E. Wilson, Clerk; Minor McCool, Superintendent. 
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