Browser-submitted Register of those who lived in Darke Co.
before 31 December 1850.

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Welcome to Darke County, Ohio!!

The basic purpose of the Darke Co., Ohio, HALL OF PIONEERS is to honor our direct-line ancestors for providing the foundations on which Darke County thrives today. We should never forget what these men and women did in clearing the land, draining the swamps, building the roads and homes, planting and harvesting the first crops. It didn't 'just happen'. These pioneers made  it happen. Without them, -we- would not be here to honor them.

We, as users of the World Wide Web, honor their struggles and  their successes by remembering their names and listing them here. As with all collections of this type (for example, DAR lineages, First Families, etc), we can only accept direct-line  ancestors from submitters. If a name would not appear in your own Anhentafel/Ancestor Chart (or your spouse's or child's), please don't submit it for the Hall of Pioneers at this time.

An individual is listed if (s)he was born or lived in Darke Co., Ohio, on or before Midnight, 31 December 1850. The spouse is named to complete the identification. If the spouse also qualifies for this Register, (s)he is listed again separately.

The Register is currently being maintained in alphabetical order. To assist in visually scanning the Register, each letter-set is separated from the others. If a pioneer was married more than once, his/her spouse is numbered for clarity. Unknown or uncertain information is indicated with blanks or question marks. A "+" following a year will indicate 'after' that year; a "-" sign before/after a year will mean 'before' that year; and "c", for circa , with a year will stand for 'about' or 'in question'. You will also find 'Aft', 'Abt', and 'Bef' used as that terminology is now becoming standardized for use in computer genealogy programs.

This Register has the coded initials for the submitter following each entry. Multiple sets of initials indicate that more than one person submitted the same pioneer's name. Clicking on the initials on the Pioneers' Listing will take you to the Submitters Page where you can see who submitted the name. Clicking on the name of the submitter on the Submitter's Page will initiate an e-mail message to the submitter of the pioneer. In this way, the sponsors of the Hall of Pioneers hope to encourage descendants getting in touch with each other to share their stories and information.


You may be wondering what "browser-submitted" means. It means simply that YOU, as a browser/user of the Internet, have an opportunity to participate by registering your OWN ancestor(s) if they lived in Darke Co. before 1851. You needn't be a genealogist yourself to share in compiling this Register. You do, however, need to know your ancestors' names and have an e-mail address.

As a participant in this Register, your name, city/state of residence, and e-mail address are linked to your submitted ancestor. A separate listing of submitters will be maintained and that listing will be a subpage of its own. Submitters Page.

Please report BAD or CHANGED e-mail addresses to the maintainer of these pages.

"How Do I Participate?"

It's easy!! Just send a private e-mail message to me, Wally Garchow. In that message give:

Please list your personal pioneer hero(es) in the same format used in the


|| SURNAME, Given (birth year-death year) m Given SURNAME (birth year-death year) ||
BIDLACK, Elinor (1792-1857) m John GILBERT (____-aft1850)
BIGHAM, James (____-c1848) m (unknown spouse)
BRANDON, Richard Jr (1788-1820) m Anna PIERCEALL (1789-1882)
CLARK, John (c1823-____) m Hester "Hetty" BRIGGS (abt1814-____)
COTTRELL, Rev George C. (1819-1892) m Caroline YORK (1838-1916)
DEAN, Matthias (____-1841) m Jane HEDGES ? (____-____)
DOWNING, Dr Samuel, (1805-1871) m Elizabeth BAIRD (1808-1884)
HATFIELD, James (____-____) m Lucy REED (or HUNTER) (____-____)
HOLE, Zachariah (1752-1825+) m Hannah DELAY (1752-1817+)
PITTSENBARGER, William Henry (1848-1914) m Rachel YORK(1856-1932)
SWISICK, Margaret (1767-1845) m-2 David RIFFLE (c1770-1821)
WHITNEY, --?-- (1788-1830) m Jacob CARLOCK (1775-1847)

If this is a second or third spouse, please indicate such. ONLY your ancestors (or your spouse's or your children's) are eligible. Please do NOT list siblings, other spouses, cousins, aunts, or uncles of your ancestors.

That's it! We will add your pioneer ancestor(s) to the Darke Co., Ohio, HALL OF PIONEERS as soon as possible.

This Register is only a listing of names. The sponsors of this site claim no responsibility for the accuracy of information presented here. We will do what we can to verify a name in the 1850 Darke Co. census, but, beyond this, it is the submitters' responsibility to ensure that correct information is presented. The proofs do not need to be sent, but we reserve the right to spot-check entries in the census or marriage records. Questions about the accuracy of a particular pioneer's listing should be directed to the submitter of the name.

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