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Postcards, Letters and Narratives relative to Darke County, Ohio


1864 Civil War letter from Chas Viets to Delaplane Decamp

Squire Jefferis Letters

Martin Rupe Letter including news of the death of Mr. Roberson/Robertson

1862 Letter to Abraham Byrd of Darke Co. from Iowa

1860 Letter to Mrs. Magdalene (Byrd) Huddle of Darke Co. from Illinois

1887 Letter to Ora Belle (Bayman) McCrea from Barry County, Michigan

Two 1874 Letters from Enoch Beery Seitz, Greenville to Anna Elizabeth Kerlin

1895 Letter from William Kendrick Kerlin of Greenville to his daughter, Anna Elizabeth Kerlin Seitz

Letter from John Millet to Wesley Millet

Letter from Dr. W. D. Cole to The Ansonian while enroute to California

 Letter from Rev. & Mrs. Warren C. Roark to The Ansonian


From Earl Shultz to Fredericka Olt

From Earl Shultz to Ricka Olt

Narratives & Memories

Grandmother's Oral History written by Margaret Elizabeth Jane (Pearson) Reck

My Most Remembered Christmas by Emma Beachler

"Thoughts and Reminiscences" (1901 reminiscences of 1850s Greenville) - John A. Hiller