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Versailles, Wayne Township, Darke County, Ohio 1857

Directory of Versailles, Darke Co., Ohio

Dealers in General Merchandise


Business Location


Beech Ward No. 13 Main Cross St. 14 Main Cross St.
G. S. Simon No. 19 Main St. 19 Main St.
G. Mougeville No. 5 Water St. 5 Water St.
P. Couchett No. 9 Water St. 9 Water St.

Grocery Stores

Miller & McNight No. 10 West St. 25 Main St.
Hole & McNight No. 16 Main Cross St.
Andrew James No. 2 Water St. 2 Water St.

Hardware Store

Warley & Miller No. 28 Corner of Main & Main Cross St. 29 Wood St.

Merchant Tailors

Zeplarin Ligier No 15 Main St. 15 Main St.
John Besuns Water St.

Stove & Tin Ware Store

Richard Cotter Main St.

Harness Shop

John C. Klinesmitt No. 16 Main Cross St. 21 Wood St.

Carpenters & Joiners

Jacob H. Rissor No. 28 Wood St.
Isaiah Finfrock No. 16 Main St.
S. M. Ankney No. 12 Wood St.
S. E. Smith No. 2 Water St.


Samuel English No. 1 Corner of Main Cross St. & Water St.

Steam Saw Mill

Samuel Hoover 20 Corner of Main St. & West St.


John H. Sheffel, Clerk 13 Main Cross St.
C. C. Walker
W. E. Larimore, Post Master
Miller & McKnight, Warehouse 10 West St.
Lewis R. Hughes 28 Main Cross St. & Main St.
Thomas Goodall, Bricklayer
W. J. Miller, J. P. 8 Water St.
John Maniere 21 Water St.

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