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Union City, Randolph County, Indiana & Darke County, Ohio 1857

Union City, Indiana | Union City, Ohio

Directory of Union City

Dry Good Merchants


Business Location


James White 38 Pearl Street
J. P. Gray 65 & 66 Pearl Street 471 Union Street
S. P. McMellin 43 R. R. Avenue

Warehouse & Provision Store

H. L. Searle 73 Broadway 149

Boot Shoe Leather & Finishing Store

J. E. Paxon 41 Columbia Street ? Howard Street

Cabinet Ware Manufactory

John Koontz 45 Pearl Street 45 Pearl Street


S. Branham, Branham House 71 & 72 Broadway
Jacob Livengood, Pemroy House Pearl Street


I. N. Converse Pearl Street west of Howard
W. H. Twiford ? Chestnut Street south end of Broadway

Ware House

D. J. Munsy 112 & 113 Division Street

Grocery & Liquor Store

Brown & A ? Sycamore Street

Attorney at Law Notary Public ? of Union Fort Wayne R. R. Co.

William P. ? 53 Pearl Street

Brick Maker

Samuel L. Carter Columbia Street


John Haas Corner of Ward & John Street
Preston Weaver 246 Columbia Street
Silas P. McMellin 54 R. R. Avenue
Josiah Mongar 93 Chestnut Street
S. Randall, Plasterer
J. C. Doser 1 & 2 Main Street
George Stuber 3 Main Street
Levi Reck 73 Division Street

Hard Ware Store

Dukemineer & Maloy 31 Columbia Street

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