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TWIN TOWNSHIP was erected in July 1817, and contained all of the county south of a line running due east from the northwest corner of Section31, Township 11 North, Range 1 East. When the townships of German, Neave and Van Buren were laid out, they were made to extend south to the range line, taking a strip a mile in width from the north part of Twin Township. In May 1818, Harrison Township was laid out, containing all of Twin west of a line running due north from the southeast corner of Section 31, Township 10 North, Range 2 East. In September 1820, Harrison Township was reduced to its present size. In June 1836, Monroe Township was taken from the east end of Twin, and contained all of that township east of a line running north from the southwest corner of Section 36, Township 8 North, Range 3 East. Butler Township includes all of Township 10 North, Range 2 East, and was taken from Twin Township, probably in 1821, but the exact date cannot be ascertained.
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Communities in Twin Township

Name Location Lat./Long.


Arcanum 1857 1875

Alt. SR 49 and Hollansburg-Arcanum Rd.



Gordon 1857 1875

SR722 and Layton Rd.



Ithaca 1857 1875

SR503 and SR722



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