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Darke Co. Towns in 1860 Ohio Gazetteer
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   Abstracted From:  Ohio State Gazetteer and Business Directory for 1860-1861

                     George W. Hawes; 2nd. Edition; 918 pages; Illustrated

                     Indianapolis, Indiana, 1860

ANSONIA (Dallas Village)

A post village of Darke county, in Brown township, established in 1854, situated

on Stillwater river, and on the Bellefontaine and Indianapolis railway, at the

crossing of the Mackinaw and Cincinnati railway, 8 miles north by west from

Greenville, and 100 miles west from Columbus.  Population 250.  Township 1080.

Alphabetical List of Professions, Trades, Etc.

Ansonia House, S. Fogger, prop'r.

Bowers, Rev. ______, Methodist pastor.

Boyer, Rev. ______, Methodist pastor.

Fogger, S., Prop'r Ansonia House.

Hager & Lickleider, physicians.

Kinegy, H. A., prop'r steam flouring and saw mills.

Knouff, J. H., physician.

Koogler, Miss E. J., school teacher.

Lay, Rev _____, United Brethren pastor.

Lett, Rev. L. B., Christian elder.

Mead, M., school teacher.

Miller, C. I., express and railroad agent.

Reed, A., general merchant.

Reed, J., boot and shoe maker.

Riffle, Silas, carpenter.

Rouse, J., fish dealer.

Schellert, G., boot and shoemaker.

Smith, Isaac, brick mason.

Stoker, J., carpenter.

Stuck, G., carpenter.

Stuck, H., prop'r Traveler's Home.

Stuck, Rev. John.

Traveler's Home, H. Stuck, prop'r.

Turpen, Geo. H., General Merchant and Postmaster.

Ungrite, C., boot and shoemaker.

Ungrite, D., clothier and tailor.

Zernhelt & Hudson, boot and shoe makers.


A post village of Darke county, in Twin township, established in 1852, situated

on Painter creek, and on the Greenville and Miami railway, 9 miles south-east

from Greenville, and about 90 miles west from Columbus.  Population 300.

Township 1,800.

Alphabetical List of Professions, Trades, Etc

Allen, Elisha, hotel proprieter.

Arcanum Lodge, No. 341, I.O.O.F.

Baker, D. B., carriage and wagon maker.

Baker, Miss M. J., dress maker.

Bartling, Conrad F., cabinet maker.

Battern, James, druggist.

Buchanon, Miss M. A., dress maker.

Fleck, John, carpenter.

Garrett, Samuel, boot and shoe maker.

Kayor, Jno. A., prop'r steam flouring mill.

Kester, Henry, pump maker and cooper.

Kester, Rudolph, cabinet maker.

Lowe, George, carpenter.

Mote, Irvin, school teacher.

Nolder, Stephen H., harness maker.

Paramore, J. T., physician.

Peyner, Miss Rebecca, dress maker.

Smith, John, general merchant.

Smith, S. D., general merchant and hotel prop'r.

Snoddenby, Phillip D., brick mason.

Sour, P. K., physician and dentist.

Sprecher, George, Postmaster.

Sprecher, George, sewing machine agent, and brick mason.

Sprecher, P. J., grocer and express agent.

Steinmetz, Israel, tailor.

Stubbs, Rev. A. J., Methodist pastor.

Thomas, J. & Son, general merchants.

Thomas, S. B., carpenter.

Thomas, S. B. & D., Prop'rs steam saw mill.


A post town of importance, and the capital of Darke county, situated on

Greenville creek, and on the Greenville and Miami Railway, 121 miles west from

Columbus.  It contains the public buildings of the county, 20 stores of various

kinds, and several manufacturing establishments.  Population 2000.

Darke Count Officers,

Auditor, M. E. Matchitt.

Recorder, S. C. Edington.

Sheriff, O. H. Long.

Treasurer, G. M. Martz.

Coroner, J. V. King.

Clerk, W. C. Porterfield.

Alphabetical List of Professions, Trades, Etc.

Allen & Meeker, attorneys at law, Main and Broadway.

Angel, H. C., jewelry, books and stationery, Broadway.

Arnold & Davis, general store, Broadway and Third.

Arnold, Miss, teacher.

Bachman's clothing store.

Beall, Miss G., school teacher.

Beadle, J. N., stoves and tinware.

Bertch, J. F., dealer in groceries, bacon, lard and notions, also wood and

willow ware.

Bier, Rev. C., German Methodist.

Bilsman & Co., boot and shoe store.

Bloom, G. W., grocery and liquor store, Main.

Broadway House, William Fitts, Proprietor, Cor. Broadway and Public Square.

Bodle, A. T., justice of the peace.

Brown, Rev. O. H., Episcopal Church.

Calderwood & Calkins, attorneys at law.

Casad, Mitchel, hat store, Broadway.

Challis, J. F., boot and shoe maker.

Clark, J. R., baker, Main.

Clawson, A. M., Proprietor  Phoenix House, Cor. Broadway and Forth.

Clawson, J., veterinary surgeon, Phoenix House.

Cogan, J., stone cutter and engraver, Main.

Conner, E., stone cutter, Main.

Cox, John, wagon maker.

Craig, David N., printer.

Creeger, W., stone cutter, Main.

Culiberison, J. J., manufacturer and dealer in boots and shoes.

Cunerman & Helm, butchers and dealers in meat.

Dever, J., attorney.

Dever & Releing, tinners, Broadway.

Dorman, D., grocer.

Fisher, J., hotel proprietor.

Fitts, W. M., Proprietor of Broadway Hotel, South Corner Broadway and Public Square.

Glines, J. C., tailor.

Golding, Miss C., teacher.

Gorsuch, W., cooper.

Green, A. W., general store.

Hamilton, G. W., auctioneer and collecting agent, and goods sold on commission.

Holzappel, J., cooper.

Harper and Brother, daguerrean artists, Broadway.

Hufnagle & Garst, general store.

Jemison, Hamilton, grocery store.

Jimerson, Miss, teacher.

Joles, D. H. R., probate judge.

Katsenberger, ____, grocer, Public Square.

Keck, J., cooper.

King, J. R., Proprietor of King's Hotel, Cor. Main and Public Square.

King, Wm., cooper.

Kipp, A., cigar maker.

Kamler, Rev. J. P. E., New School Presbyterian.

Lehman, W. J., livery stable.

Long, O. H., sheriff of Darke county.

Lucas, O. E., physician, Broadway.

McCalpin, A., cooper.

McChord, J. R., attorney.

Macdonald, Rev H. K., Christian Church.

Manner, B. F., stone cutter, Main.

Matchet, P., school teacher.

Mayo, E. H., sup't district schools.

Mease & Son, physicians.

Miller, Henry, editor and prop'r Darke County Democrat.

Miller, J., druggist.

Miller & Moore, general store, Broadway.

Mitchell, Wm., justice, and mayor, Broadway.

Newkirk, J. M., marble shop.

Newton, Rev. J., M. E. Church.

Odlin, P., miller and dealer in grain, Broadway.

Oppenheimer, J., clothing store.

Otwell, E. W. & Co., editors and publishers Journal.

Phoenix House, A. M. Clawson, Proprietor, Broadway, Cor. Fourth.

Prevost, P., teeth inserted on gold plate, and teeth filled with gold, tin or

silver foil, North-West Cor. Public Square.

Ries, J., blacksmith, Main.

Shepherd, J. S., Postmaster.

Shoup, F., cooper.

Spayed, M., attorney.

Spice & Wortman, commission merchants.

Steinkamp, John, grocery and provision store, Broadway.

Stevenson & McCune, groceries, Broadway.

Summerville, J., merchant tailor.

Taylor, J. B., foundry and machine shop, manufacturer of steam engines, cane

mills, Etc.

Tomlinson, H., saddles and harness, Broadway.

Torsuch, A. P., cooper.

Turner & Brother, stillhouse.

Turpin & Curtis, manufacturers of furniture, Public Square.

Ulery, S. W., hardware, Cor. Third and Broadway.

Vanmeter, J., books and stationery.

Vantilburgh, D. E., baker and confectioner, Broadway.

Waring, F. & J. L., general store, Public Square.

Warren, T. & J. L., flouring mill.

Wharry, John, notary public, Third, bet. Walnut and Ash.

Wharry, Miss M., teacher.

Wharry & Putnam, attorneys at law, will give prompt attention to all

professional business, Third, bet. Walnut and Ash.

Wilson, W. M., attorney.

Winner & Frizell, bankers, Broadway.

Wise, J. C., tailor.


A post town of Darke county, situated on the Indiana State line, and on the

Bellefontaine and Indiana railway, 12 miles north-west from Greenville, and

about 100 miles west by north from Columbus.  Population 1,200.

(Note - Also known as Union City.  Those who know the town will readily see that

in this accounting the author added some businesses on the Indiana side of the

State Line.  BJB)

Alphabetical List of Professions, Trades, Etc.

Anderson & Gimbel, blacksmiths, wagon, buggy, and plow makers, engines repaired

to order.

Andrus & Zone, splint shop.

Archard, William, councilman.

Barnum, D., clothing store.

Bennett, Mrs. A. M., millinery and bonnet store, Pearl.

Bragg, T. F., photographic artist, ambrotypes and melaineotypes taken in good style.

Brown & Archer, grocery store.

Britney, W. H., telegraph operator, Union City Depot.

Bunch, E., grocery store.

Cadwallader & Wiggs, dry goods, groceries, hats, caps, boots, shoes, queenware,

hardware, etc.,  Sycamore.

Coats & Hill, forwarding and commission merchants.

Cranor & Swisher, steam flouring mill and grain dealers, on Railroad near, Sycamore.

Debolt, Wm. P., Postmaster.

Dorser, E. G., saloon near Railroad Depot.

Dukemineer & Maloy, hardware dealers.

Eisenman, J., boot and shoe maker.

Espey, J. M., daguerrean.

Espy, Thomas, confectionery, saloon and fancy store, dealer in all kinds fruit,

ice cream, candy, soda water, etc., Pearl.

Farson & Worthington, wagon makers.

Fitch, H., prop'r Forest House.

Fletcher, John, councilman.

Forest House, H. Fitch, prop'r.

Galloway, Preston R., councilman.

Grabs, F., boot and shoe maker.

Grabs, G., merchant tailor.

Gray, Isaac P., general store, Cor. Columbia and Pearl.

Grosvenar, D., druggist and bookseller, Pearl.

Hickey, John, merchant tailor, Sycamore.

Horton & Son, boot and shoe shop.

Howard, P., stoves and tin ware.

Jackson, H., saddle and harness maker.

Kesler, J., general store.

Lenox, A., livery stable.

Lewis, Thomas, blacksmith.

Livengood, Jacob, prop'r Jacob House, east side of Chestnut, north of B. F.


Livengood, Jacob, Mayor.

Livengood, Jacob, boot and shoe maker, Sycamore.

McKee, John G., saddle and harness maker, Sycamore.

Masslich & Studybaker, jewelers.

Maugy, David J., warehouse and grain dealer, salt, fish, plows, etc., Division.

Minser, R., saloon, fine tobacco and cigars.

Morrow, Simon P., treasurer.

Orr, Wm. A., wholesale and retail groceries, liquors, notions, etc., Cor.

Sycamore and Railroad, Nos. 95 and 96.

Paxson, J. E., boot and shoe maker.

Schronz  J., tailor.

Shank, J. M., stoves and tin ware.

Simmons, N., druggist.

Straight, E. F., tailor.

State, Edward C., saloon near Railroad Depot.

Stauber, Jacob, boarding house and saloon, near Railroad Depot.

Stone & Jewett, boot and shoe makers.

Swisher, Ralph, councilman.

Templin, Rev. L. J., Methodist Episcopal Church.

Teurpen, E. H., grocery and bakery.

Thoke, Wm., tailor.

Thompson, Rev. G. W., Christian Church.

Tiser, Peter, prop'r Union House.

Turpen, J. J., general store, Pearl.

Vail, H., saloon keeper.

Weddington, S. C., agent for B. and I. and L. P. and C. railroads, Union Depot.

Wiley, Rev. Thomas, Christian Church.

Wiggs, Rainford, recorder.

Young, S., butcher.

REPUBLICAN (Hollansburg Village)

A post village of Darke county, in Harrison township, established in 1834,

situated on the middle fork of Whitewater river, near the Indiana State line, 12

miles south-west from Greenville, and 75 miles south by west from Cincinnati.

Population 200.  Township 4,000.

Alphabetical List of Professions, Trades, Etc.

Adkins, Jacob, township trustee.

Anderson, J., butcher.

Anderson Joseph R., hotel prop'r.

Beetly, S. M., boot and shoe maker, and constable.

Boyd, James, hotel prop'r.

Clingenpelie, Mrs. ____, milliner.

Commess, Joh, general merchant.

Darkus, Adam, tailor

Davis, T. J., cabinet maker and postmaster.

Downing, Jasen, township trustee

Emberson, H. W., attorney at law, and township justice.

Evans, C. S., physician.

Ferbes, S., cooper.

French, W. W., general merchant and physician.

Gell, Henry, auctioneer.

Gibson, Nathan, township justice.

Harrison, John E., school teacher.

Hollamon, Wm., brick mason.

Humphreys, John, boot and shoe maker.

Lambert & Darkus, general merchants.

Linch, Robert, tanner.

Miller, G. D., township clerk.

Moore, Wm., carriage and wagon maker.

Peder, Gibson, carriage and wagon maker.

Pitman, J. S., boot and shoe maker.

Polly, E., butcher.

Reed, David, painter.

Rhyne, David, carriage and wagon maker.

Ruby, James, physician.

Rush, John, township trustee.

Scott & Middleton, prop'rs steam saw mill.

Stevenson, R., harness maker.

Stevenson, Robert, barber.

Thomas, Joseph, school teacher.

Thurston, C., township treasurer.

Whiteman, S., constable.

Wiggs, F. G., notary public.

Wilson, James, ambiotypist.

GERMAN (Palestine village)

Alphabetical List of Professions, Trades, Etc.

Armecost, C., township trustee.

Black, Abraham, cooper.

Brown, Alvin, constable.

Brown, A. B., carpenter.

Burgess, Joseph, township clerk.

Cloyd, James, township treasurer.

Crandell, Wm., prop'r Putnam House and township assessor.

Crowell, A. W., carriage and wagon maker.

Darkess, A., boot and shoe maker.

Dickey, S., physician.

Eakins, B., township trustee.

Geyer, John F., boot and shoe maker.

Geyer, John W., cabinet maker.

Harding, Jonathan, tanner.

Jobes, John A., physician.

Jones, John L., general merchant.

Moore, Wilkins, justice of pease.

Morris & Dickey, prop'rs steam flouring mill.

Purnam, David, general merchant, real estate agent and notary public.

Sebwouse, Wm., harness maker.

Smelker, Henry, pump maker.

Sullivan, J., tailor.

Tooker, W. V. R., fanning mill manuf'r.

Truby, Jacob, gunsmith.

Warner, Henry, township trustee.

Weaver, Gabriel, prop'r steam saw mill.

Wilcox & Ketring, Prop'r steam saw mill.

Woods, Moses, postmaster.


A post village of Darke county in Harrison township, established in 1829,

situated on Whitewater river, near the Indiana State line, 10 miles south-west

from Greenville, and 65 miles north-west from Cincinnati.  Population 500

Township 2,100.

Alphebetical List of Professions, Trades, Etc.

Achenbauga, M., insurance agent.

Adkins, James D., township trustee.

Aughee, J. A., jewelry, etc.

Bacon, George, village clerk.

Bacon & Aughee, stoves and tin ware.

Bacon & Townsend, general merchants.

Beattey, S. M., township constable.

Biddle, Wm., carpenter.

Biddle, Wm. J., grocer.

Bloom, Joseph, prop'r steam grist mill.

Bowen, J. C., general merchant.

Bowen, Miss M. A., sewing machine agent.

Bowen & Snodgrass, general merchants.

Bowersaur, G. H., marshal.

Brown, C., pork packer and township constable.

Camp, Mrs. Anetta, ambrotypist.

Carr, E., dress maker.

Crowls, Jacob, cabinet maker.

Davis, L. H., mayor.

Davis, L. S., harness maker.

Deidtz, P., boot and shoe maker.

Downing, Jason, township trustee

Ebling, C., cooper.

Emerson, H. W., township justice.

Falkner, Wm., township assessor.

Flemming, James, cabinet maker.

Foster, R. C., harness maker.

Fredericks, P., boot and shoe maker.

Gifford, Rev. Henry, Universalist pastor.

Gipson, N., township justice.

Harter, Elias, agricultural implements.

Helms & Harter, carpenters.

Heryman, M. T., carpenter.

Jacobs, J., boot and shoe maker.

Jaqua, C., insurance agent and broker.

Jaqua, Charles, attorney at law and notary public.

Lockett, E. & Brother, school teachers.

Miller, George D., township cleark.

Miller, W. F., boot and shoe maker.

Mills, John W., engraver.

Montgomery, William, distiller.

Phillips, Robert, brick mason.

Porter, Mrs. R. J., dress maker.

Porter, Wm. M., postmaster, physician and druggist.

Powell, R., hotel and livery stable prop'r.

Prey, H., cooper.

Ray, Stephen, brick mason.

Rhyn, Wm. J., councilman.

Rightenour, J. W., township justice.

Roberts, John, pump maker.

Rush, John, township trustee.

Shriver, J. R., councilman.

Snodgrass, R. & Sons, hide and leather dealers.

Theadoe, M., tailor.

Thomas, J. H., dentist.

Thomas, S. A., dentist.

Thurston, Caleb, township treasurer.

Ullom,Wm., painter.

Wallace, George W., physician.

Weast, John, wagon and plow maker.

Whitemore, Samuel, township constable.

Wilt, Ebenezer, pork packer.

Wise, Lawson H., tailor.

Worch, E., tailor.

Worch, S., cooper

Worch, Sylvester, baker.

Zeeck, Andrew, gunsmith.

Zeeck, M., foundryman and edge tool manufacturer.

Zeeck, M., village treasurer and dealer in agricultural implements.