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Ithaca, Twin Township, Darke County, Ohio 1857

Business Directory of Ithaca, Darke Co., Ohio




W. H. Matchett Physician & Surgeon Lot 30 Pearl Street
A. Huffer Dealer in Dry Goods & Groceries Lot 3 & 4 Main Street
Jac. Thomas Dealer in Dry Goods, Groceries, Boots & Shoes, etc. Southeast corner of Main and Cross Streets
E. Murphy Ithaca Hotel Northeast corner of Main and Cross Streets
Ridenour & McNeal Grocery & General Produce Dealers Lot 8 Main Street
C. Sharp, Owner Steam Grist Mill North end of Main Street
Clark Baker Wagon & Carriage Maker Lot 55 Pearl Street
Z. Creager Grain Cradle Maker South end of Main Street
Lewis Boley Cabinet Wareroom & Undertaker Lot 10 Main Street
J. M. Odell Pump Manufacturer Lot 15 Main Street

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