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Gettysburg, Adams Township, Darke County, Ohio 1857

Directory of Gettysburgh, Darke Co., Ohio

Dealers in General Merchandise

Auld & Horn No. 2 Main and Bridge Streets
Martin Cable No. 3 Main St., Res. 3 & 15 Main St.
David Horner No. 1 Main and Clay Streets, Res. same

Boot & Shoe Stores

Solomon B. Miller No. 5 Main Street
Franklin S. Keefauver No. 2 Main Street


J. Long No. 17 Main Street

Harness Shop

Charles Naylor No. 3 Main Street, Res. 7 Main St.

Blacksmith Shop

A. Darsham No. 58 Corwin St., Res. 5 Main St.

Carriage & Wagon Shop

George Stallmann No. 6 Main St., Res. same

Tailor Shop

John H. Zimmerman No. 12 Main St.
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