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Dallas (Ansonia P. O.), Brown Township, Darke County, Ohio 1857


  Turpen & Reed Dealers in General Merchandise No. 19 & 25  Main St.  
S. Compton Dry Goods Merchant No. 28 Main St.
W. C. Licklider Grocery Store No. 21 Main St.
Edward Clifford House, Sign and Ornamental Painter No. 13 & 14 Main St.
Isaac Stoker Carpenter No. 2 Main St.
David Riffle J. P. No. 7 & 8 Main St.
J. A. Jobes M. D. No. 30 Main St.
S. D. Hager M. D. No. 17 Main St.
Wm. Reed Butcher No. 16 Main St.
C. T. Miller R. R. Agent, I. & B. R. R.
Samuel Fogger Keeper of Ansonia House No. 12 Main St.
H. Stuck Keeper of Travelers' Home No. 23 Main St.

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