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Castine, Ohio 1857

 Directory of Castine, Darke Co., Ohio




John E. Matchett Physician & Surgeon Main St.
Dr. J. P. Love Deal. in Dry Goods, Groceries & Medicines, Brick North end of Main St.
F. Michael Deal. in Dry Goods, Boots & Shoes Southwest corner Main & Cross Streets
P. V. Banta Deal. in Dry Goods & Groceries South end of Main Street, West side
Frank Ford Castine House Main Street, East side
P. Stephenson Boot & Shoemaker Main Street
J. Longanbaker Blacksmith Main Street
A. Henderson Cooper North end of Main Street
Jacob Roller Harness Maker Main Street
S. B. Minnich Sawyer Res. S. E. Main Street
J. W. Hamiel Sawyer Main Street
P. C. Hetzler Minister, U. B. Church Main Street
Butler Township

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