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Brown Township was erected in December 1833, being taken from Richland; and was bounded as follows: beginning at the Northwest corner of Township 13 North, Range 2 East, thence south to the township line, thence east to the east line of Section 35, thence north to the township line, and west to the place of beginning. Subsequently, the parts of townships 14 and 15 lying directly north and of equal width with this, were added, but in 1839 were laid off into a new township called Allen.
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School locations on map are from the 1888 atlas.

Dallas (Ansonia) 1875
School Names
in 1921
1 Bailey 2 Petersime 3 Shultz
4 Horine 5 Shafer 9 Bailey
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Communities in Brown Township

Name Location Latitude Longitude


Ansonia (Dallas) 1857 1875

SR47 and SR118




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