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ADAMS TOWNSHIP was erected in March 1819 and contained all the land east of a line running south from the northwest corner of Section 4, Township 10 North, Range 3 East, to the southwest corner of Section 28, Township 9 of Range 3. It was taken from the east end of Greenville Township and south end of Wayne. In 1820, sections 3, 4, 9 and 10 of Township 10, Range 3 were taken into Richland Township. In June 1838, all of Township 8 Range 4 and Township 9, Range 3 that were in Adams, was taken into a new township called Van Buren.
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Communities in Adams Township

Name Location Latitude Longitude Pop.

Bears Mill

US36 and Arcanum-Bears Mill Rd.




Bradford 1875 SR721 north of US36 on Darke-Miami County Line      

Gettysburg 1857 1875

US36 and Gettysburg-Pitsburg Rd.




Horatio 1875

Horatio-New Harrison Rd. and Horatio-Harris Creek Rd.




New Harrison 1857 1875

US36 and Bradford-New Harrison Rd.




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