Records of the Darke County Infirmary

You will find here scans of the early Darke County Infirmary records which I have created from the microfilm. I have divided them by township so the pages are consecutive by township -- they are not numerically consecutive as in the book.

IMPORTANT! The pages of the book were two pages wide. The first scan is of the double page and may be a little difficult to read. If you click on the right or left page, a larger version of the page will open in its own browser window. Please be patient as they are large files and will take a few minutes to load.

Adams Twp Neave Twp
Page 15 beginning Apr. 14, 1856 Page 27 beginning Feb. 16, 1857
Brown Twp Patterson Twp
Page 23 beginning Nov. 9, 1856 Page 25 beginning Jan. 12 1857
Butler Twp Richland Twp
Page 9 beginning Mar. 18, 1856 Page 5 beginning Mar. 10, 1856
German Twp Twin Twp
Page 29 beginning May 8, 1857 Page 11 beginning Mar. 1, 1856
Greenville Twp Van Buren Twp
Page 1 beginning Mar. 1, 1856 Page 19 beginning June 16, 1856
Harrison Twp Wabash Twp
Page 17 beginning Apr. 25, 1856 Page 3 beginning Mar. 5, 1856
Jackson Twp Wayne Twp
Page 13 beginning Apr. 19, 1856 Page 7 beginning Mar. 10, 1856
York Twp
Page 21 beginning Aug. 13, 1856