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The following list is from an inventory of family history books and manuscripts at the Garst Museum library in June, 1998.
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This list is sorted by the primary surname in each book listed.
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Family Histories at the Garst Museum June, 1998
Ref. Title Surnames Author/Compiler Publish Date
The surnames listed are only samplings from these books and manuscripts
Al The Albaugh Book Albaugh Albaugh, Noah H. 1899
Al Albright, Clapp, Burk Families Albright, Clapp, Burk Vance, Joseph H. 1987
Ar The Archer Family Archer, Brown, Graves, McNutt, Matchett, Ringer, Robeson, Sharp, Shockey, Sliger, Tillman, Wantz, Washington Hinchman, Mary Wilhelm 1996
Ar Archer, Wilhelm and Related Families Archer, Wilhelm Hinchman, Mary Wilhelm 1995
Ar Arthur Journal Arthur, Ebeling, Harter, Williams 1987
As Ashleys Of America Ashley The Ashley Association 1982
Au Aukerman Aukerman, Dickey, Stephens, Waggoner, Woods McDaniel, Linda Stephens 1991

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Ba Families of Clark and Ruth (Crawford) Baker Baker Davis, Virginia 1995
Ba The Pictorial Family Register Baker, Dininger, Hoel Baker, Lillie C.
Ba Ball Cousins Ball Kinsey, Margaret 1981
Ba Bartholomew's Children, A Southern Ball Family Ball Ball, Henry Fletcher, Jr. 1992
Ba Bannon Bannon Bannon, Noble C.
Ba Bauman/Bowman The Family of Abraham Bowman of Switzerland, Germany, Schoharie Co. NY, Berks Co. PA, Darke Co. OH Bauman, Bowman Ebeling, Harry G. 1996
Be Beal Findings Barber, Beal, Beeks, Bowman, Butterworth, Farquhar, Lowery, Noland, Norris, Palmer, Paxson, Rogers, Town, Waters, Watson, Welding Strong, Jeanne Waters 1992
Be The Descendants of Abraham and Christena Beanblossom of Rowan Co., NC and Darke Co., OH Beanblossom Beanblossom, Walter and Hays, Samuel 1990
Be The Descendants of J. Christian and Catharina Beanblossom of Rowan Co., NC and Harrison Co., IN Beanblossom Hays, Samuel P. 1994
Be Bertram Family Bertram Diller, Corinne Hanna 1994
Bi Diller Biggs and Collateral Families 1695-1988 Biggs, Diller, Doll, Fortman, Hartnagel, Homan, Kroger, May, Meyer, Renn, Weigel Wellman, Willhoff, Zumbihl Schieltz, Ruth C. Wagner 1988
Bi The Bigler Family Bigler Burns, Norman 1960
Bl Ancestry and Descendants of Joseph Blocher and Elizabeth Roberts Blocher Kinsey, Marjorie Blocher 1997
Br Families of Wayne and Patterson Townships, Part II, Family Histories Brandon, Brunson, Davidson, Jones, McClure, Mendenhall, Pearson, Speelman, Stoner, Straker, Swallow, Wells Straker 1930
Br Brandon Brandon, Finfrock, Greer Harter, Byron E.
Br The Life Adventures of Aldeba Klepinger Bright and Hamilton Garver Bright Brecht, Bright Bright, C. Emmert 1988
Br Cousins By The Dozen A History of Ahijah Brown and Related Families Abbiati, Appiani, Ashley, Babb, Beebee, Birkenshaw, Bitzer, Bourell, Brown, Brunetto, Caro, Carson, Cassilini, Cipriano, Coop, Delaplane, Develbiss, Dickey, Drenning, Dubbs, Euler, Fisher, Forbes, Franzosi, Freihofer, Gardner, Gates, Jamison, Kelly, Kinton, Klein, Kolp, Marzorati, McGrory, McVety, Moist, Nicholson, Offenbacker, Piccolini, Reber, Rinaldi, Roop, Saporiti, Schulcraft, Summers, Taylor, Towner, Williams, Zimmerman Brown, Byron 1988+
Br Who Begot Thee Brubaker Zook, Lois Ann 1990
Br Records of the Brumbaugh and Rinehart Family Reunions 1903-1951 Bookwalter, Brumbaugh, Christian, Rinehart, Wogoman 1951
Br Descendants of Thomas Brumfield of Berks County, Pennsylvania Brumfield Brumfield, Ray C. and Brumfield, Blackman O. 1962
Br Bruss Family Record Book Bruss Weaver, Penelope A. 1994
Br From Sussex Co., NJ to Darke Co., OH Bryson, Cole, Elston, Lott, Resor, Shively, Snell Thompson, Alma Cole 1993
Bu The Buchanans of Ohio Buchanan Buchanan, Jim 1987
Bu Burns Family Born, Burns Diller, Corinne Hanna 1994
Bu Burnside Biographical Dictionary Burnside Moore, Laverne Galeener 1991

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Ca The News-Caster, Publication of The Castor Association of America Caster, Castor, Custer, Custard 1994-1997
Ch History of the Chenoweth Family Chenoweth Hiatt, Cora Chenoweth 1925
Ch The Chenoweth Family In America Chenoweth Harris, Richard C. 1994
Ch The Life Journey of Lydia Dohner And Samuel Christian Christian, Dohner Puterbaugh, John C. and Bright, C. Emmert 1983
Co Ancestors and Descendants Of James William Coburn, 1850-1929 Coburn Coburn, Raymond H.
Co The Ernest (Kuhl) Cool Family 1788-1977 Cool, Kuhl Royer, Gladys Cool 1977
Co Descendants of Adam And Mary (Mock) Coppess Coppess, Mock Hansell, Ailsie E. 1978
Co Our Coppess Family History with related lines Coppess, Mock Elliot, Margaret Coppess 1991
Co Cortner - Curtner Family History Cortner, Curtner Kress, Charles B., Sr. 1983
Co The Cortner-Curtner Family History, Update Supplement Cortner, Curtner Kress, Charles B., Sr. 1988
Co Descendants of Michael and Elizabeth Cox Cox, Wagner Packer, Warren 1967
Cr C.C. Craige Family History Craige, Loose, Parsons, Wilson Lybbert, Donna Alene (Loose) 1988
Cr History of the Creagers in America Creager Creager, William A., Jr.
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Da A Family History Gilliland - Danhauer of Lyndon Osage County Kansas Carpenter, Danhauer, Gilliland, Hall, Hoblit, Mills, Roberds, Woodhall Howe, Nadine Gilliland 1978
Da Dapore: The Descendants of Joseph Athenuse Despoire In America, 1846-1987 Dapore, Despoire, Magato, Mangen, Petitjean Sorrell, Marsha and Gerling, Juanita 1987
Da Darlington Family Genealogy Darlington Cope, Gilbert 1900
Da The Family Tree Davison Davison Oliver, Claude M.
Da Dawes And Allied Families Dawes Ferris, M. W.
Da The Day Family Day 1975
Da Day Family Day, Deh Diller, Corinne Hanna 1994
De The DeCamp Family DeCamp, Finch, Hand, Stephenson DeCamp, Crane and DeCamp, Graydon 1976
De George C. Deeter, Sturdy Pioneer Whitley Co., IN Deeter, Teeter Deeter, George William 1994
De The Demaris Tree In The United States, 1749-1979 Demaris Demaris, Furman A., IV 1979
De The Deubner Family Deubner Spenny, Rev. Lorin and Anita 1970
Du DuBois Family DuBois DuBois, Harold L.
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Ei Eib Families of America Beanblossom, Eib, Eibe, Eyb, Eibner, Schweizer Birum, Gerald S.
Ei Ancestry Of The John Franklin Eisenhart Family Eisenhart Eisenhart, Willis Wolf 1951
El Eley/Porter and related families of Darke, Delaware, Jay, and Randolph Counties Eley, Porter Eley, Wesley Phillip 1996
El Eller - Cochran and Associated Families Cochran, Eller Cochran, Mary E. 1984
El Elmore Family Elmore, Hartzell, Sebring, Supinger Huffman, Zella Hess 1952
El Ancestry of Levi Elston, Sr. Elston, Kool, Kimber, Walling Thompson, Alma Cole 1976
Em An Emmons Genealogy Emmons, Emans Emmons, Corwin J. 1969
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Fe History of the Fetzer Family Fetzer Fetzer, John E. 1964
Fe One Man's Family, A History and Genealogy of the Fetzer Family Fetzer Fetzer, John Earl 1964
Fi History of The Fidler Family Fidler  Kendall, Hazel M. 1958
Fi Fidler Family of Darke Co., OH Fidler, Lamy Davis, Virginia (Schaaf) 1997
Fi The Finfrock-Rhoades Story Eastman, Finfrock, Moore, Rhoades, Yorg Finfrock, Barbara J. 1987
Fl The Descendants of Peter and Mary Fleck Baker, Fleck, Dunn, Hapner, Rosser Davis, Virginia  1995
Fl Flory Flora Fleury Family History Flora, Fleury, Flory, Flury Bunderman, Walter Q. 1948
Fo Foster - Stevens Families Foster, Stevens Ketron, Alice Lake
Fr Nicholas Friend Descendants Friend Diller, Corinne Hanna 1997
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Ga Galeener-Goleanor-Golenor, Underwood And Those They Knew  Beard, Broom, Brown, Campbell, Finley, Galeener, Goleanor, Golenor, Houk, Jenkins, Leonard, Marshall, Parent, Shaffer, Shepherd, Smith, Underwood, Wynkoop, Zerkle Moore, Laverne Galeener 1985
Ga Robert Mondell Ganger 1903-1992 Ganger Ganger, Robert Ward 1992
Ge A Chronology of the Gebhart-Weber Families From Year 1609 through the 19th Century Apple, Cook, Gebhart, Lebo, Weaver, Zimmerman Harp, Thomas L. 1996
Ge Descendants of Adam and Catherine Geeting, Early Settlers of the Miami Valley, Ohio Fouts, Fritz, Geeting, Geeding, House, Krumrine, Marsh, Miller, Millikin, Nicodemus, Price, Raubenstine, Shuey, Sterner, Utz, Wintrode Mumah, Sandra Elaine Heppes 1994
Ge The Adam Geeting Family and Descendants 1757-1996 Fouts, Fritz, Geeting, Geeding, House, Krumrine, Marsh, Miller, Millikin, Nicodemus, Price, Raubenstine, Shuey, Sterner, Utz, Wintrode McFaddin, Eileen C. and Winkleman, Agnes 1996
Gi Wesley Gilbert Research Gilbert, Coate Gilbert, Wesley
Go Descendants of Jean ( John) Goubeaux and Elizabeth Pacquin 1805-1990 Ayette, Barga, Goubeaux, Petitjean, Swieterman, Didier Spraley, Evelyn George 1990
Gu Der Guggenbiller Familien-Stammbaum Guggenbiller Luttmer, Bob 1995
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Ha The Ancestors and Descendants of Jacob and Martha Harvey Hale Coate, Dakin, Hale, Harlan, Linton, Walter Williams, Kathryn 1969
Ha Time In Your Flight - Halladay Halladay Halladay, Ruth and Billman, Burdett
Ha Some Harter History Harter Harter, Byron E.
Ha The Frantz Harter Story Brandon, Develbiss, Harter, Noggle Harter, Byron E. 1973
Ha A Harter Journal Harter, Mikesell, Ulrich Harter, Byron E. 1982
Ha American Hartle Book Cook, Hartle, Hunter, Shultz Hartle, Frank and Daphne 1969
Ha Hathaways 1200 - 1980 Babbitt, Brown, Clark, Davis, Hadaway, Hathaway, Johnson, Jones, Smith, Thomas, Williams Versailles, Elizabeth Star 1980
Ha Hathaways of America Briggs, Brown, Clark, Clerk, Chase, French, Hathaway, Martin, Moore, Robinson, Rose, Sherman, Smith, Taylor, Walker, White, Wilson, Young Versailles, Elizabeth Star 1970
Ha Hawkey & Bradbury Families1785 thru 1996 Bradbury, Emrick, Geeting, Hawkey, Henderson, Hendrickson, Hoff, Krickenbarger, Pearce, Mary Ellen and Frazee, Carolyn 1996
He The Hele-Hole-Hoel Family 1154-1970 Hele, Hole, Hoel Hoel, Brian Justin 1971
Hi Hiestand Family of Page County, Virginia Boehm, Gimlin, Hiestand, Ruffner Trimble, David B. 1974
Hi The Hiner News Bulletin 1967-1982 Hiner 1982
Hi The Hittle Family In America Hittel, Hittle, Knappenberger Morris, Gary J. 1976
Ho Descendants of Daniel Hollinger 1764-1822 Adams, Baker, Barnhart, Bashore, Blocher, Burgard, Cooper, Cripe, Etter, Fourman, Hoffer, Hollinger, Kelver, Landis, Longenecker, Metzger, Price, Rhodes, Royer, Seachris, Smith, Studebaker, West, Yount, Zook Hollinger, Ronald 1996
Ho In America Since 1607 the Hollingsworth, Farmer and Judkins Families Adams, Bye, Davis, Farmer, Fermor, Fisher, Hollingsworth, Judkins, Pickering, Stackhouse, Wright Farmer, Walter I. 1987
Ho Holsapple Family Arnold, Brenner, Ditmer, Holsapple, Norris, Ruse, Snyder, Swank, Zumbrum Diller, Corinne Hanna 1997
Ho Descendants of Peter Hoover and Elizabeth Byrn Byrn, Dellinger, Foggy, Hoover, Miller, Newby Bowers, Ruth Hoover 1978
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Id The Iddings and Their Forebears Iddings Iddings, Todd W. 1993
Jo The Ancestry of Anthony Morris Johnson, Vol. VII Johnson Johnson, Robert Leland 1997
Jo Jesse Jones Family Jones Britton, Vera Welch
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Ke The John Cears Kear Family Baylor, Deyoe, Kear, Morr, Steward Kear, Donald L. 1984
Ke Descendants of the Kemper Family Barga, Brombach, Cottrell, Hole, Hiestand, Kemper, Pittsenbarger, York York, Keitha Hiestand
Ke Kerlin, William Kendrick "Squire" of Darke County, Ohio Baldwin, Bowman, Broadstock, Brown, Clapp, Darlington, Fahnestock, Hillborn, Hooton, Isles, Jefferis, Kendrick, Martin, Miley, Pitsenberger, Sands, Seitz, Stidham, Stover, Wogamon, Wurlitzer Ebeling, Harry G. 1995
Ke John Kennard of The New Jersey Line Austin, Cook, Kelly, Kannard, Kennard Hurd, Elmira B. 1993
Ke Kershner Families of Maryland Kershner Maxwell, Mary Kershner
Ke The Kershner Families Of Maryland 1731-1977, Vol. I Flenner, Kershner, Wiles Maxwell, Mary Kershner 1978
Ke The Kershner Families Of Maryland 1731-1977, Vol. II Gabbert, Kershner, Miller, Patterson, Ridenour, Wolgamot Kershner, Ruth Bownds 1978
Ke The Kershner Families Of Maryland 1731-1977, Vol. III Almarode, Burkert, Fletcher, Gordon, Karschner, Kershner, Palmer, Wiseman Maxwell, Mary Kershner and Kershner, Ruth Bownds 1981
Ki King Family Tree Altman, Deaton, Kimmel, King, Rapp, Wells Rapp, Frances (King) 1981
Kr Kress Family History of John M. Kress Bridenbaugh, Feitshans, Kress, Kuntz, Schafer, Thompson Kress, Charles B., Sr. 1981
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La The Thomas Lamonts In America Lamont Lamont, Corliss 1962
La The LaTourette Family and Associated Families LaTourette, LeCounte, Lewis, Morgan, Mercereau, Van Pelt Jacob, Verna A. Hill 1965
Le All Leatherman Kin History Baker, Booze, Custer, Detweiler, Fretz, Gross, Guthrie, Keith, Landis, Leatherman, Miller, Myers, Overholt, Smith Letherman, Rev. I. John 1940
Li The Liettes Liette Liette, Lowell 1983
Li Descendants of George, Christopher, and Andrew Lindamood - Ludwig Lindemuth and George Lindamood Book III Argenbright, Berry, Kerner, Lindamood Davis, Robert Russell 1995
Li Lindenmuth and Lindemuth, Lindamood, Lindermuth, Lintemuth, Lintmoot Families Lindenmuth Davis, Robert Russell 1995
Li Descendants of John Wolf Lindenmuth, Book II Lindenmuth, Moore, Thompson, Stephenson, Schuberg, Wagoner
Lu Ancestors and Descendants of Robert Lumpkin and his wife Elizabeth (Forrest) Lumpkin Bennett, Grubb, Holloway, Johnson, Langfitt, Long, Lumpkin, Widmark Hepperly, Ira W. 1968
Lu Eli Lundy and Phebe McVey Their Ancestry and Descendants Eyler, Houser, Long, Lundy, Mershon, Phillips, Riley Rodgers, Toni Blaine 1993
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Ma The Christopher Magottaux (Magoto) Family History Berger, Bey, Grilliot, Guillozet, Magoto, Magottaux, Monnier, Platfoot, York Magoto, Sandra Faith (Frazier) 1984
Ma Warren and Ethel (Garland) Markwith, Their Ancestors and Descendants Albright, Brown, Clapp, Drayer, Ferguson, Garland, Hunt, Johnson, McGriff, Markwith, Nealeigh, Shields, Small, Smith Vance, Joseph H. 1982
Ma Ancestors And Descendants Of John Calvin Martin And Elizabeth Boyer Martin Bashore, Boyer, Brewer, Dickey, Hardman, Hilyard, Kniesly, Martin, Miller, Weyant McCrea, Bruce 1993
Ma Martin Family Genealogy Bireley, Corbin, DeWeese, Martin, Smith, Wynn Lane, Joyce (Dunn) 1993
Ma The Ancestors And Descendants Of Jacob Martin and Susannah Overholser Martin Aquino, Dickey, Hildreth, Kay, Lavey, Martin, Morton, Overholser McCrea, Bruce 1995
Ma John Martindell (or Martindale) Cordwainer, of Philadelphia and Some Of His Descendants Jones, Martindale, Martindell, Pugh, Roe, Smith Martindale, Rev. Harry H. 1953
Ma Genealogy of the Maulsby Family For Five Generations 1699-1902 Davis, John, Macy, Marshall, Maulsby, Mills, Patty, Scott, Swain, Thornburgh, Worth Payne, Cora M. (Patty) 1902
Ma Der Stammbaum May - Homan Homan, May Schieltz, Ruth C. Wagner and Timmerman, Rita Wagner 1982
Mc The Descendants of Richard McGriff Book 1 and 2 Baker, Fowble, Hitz, McGriff, Reed, Shumaker, Williamson Davis, Virginia (Schaaf)  1997
Mc The Descendants of Thomas and Susannah (Adkins) McGriff Becker, Carter, Foster, McDowell, McGriff, Simmons, Weissert Davis, Virginia  1995
Mc Patrick McGriff / son of Thomas McGriff Book 3 Disher, Fordyce, Gayman, McGlinch, McGriff, Melling, Ricker, Schlechty, Weist Davis, Virginia 1997
Mc Captain James McGriff (1755-1830) and His Descendants McGriff, Dobbins, Hill, Robinson, Young Hill, Joseph Edward, Sr. 1979
Me Mehaffie Mahaffey, Mehaffie Mehaffie, Mrs. Janet E. 1974
Me Mehaffie Life Here, There and After Mahaffey, Mehaffie Sutton, Betty Mehaffie Hissong
Me Additions and Corrections to Myssel-Mikesell-Meixsell Book Meixel, Meiyssel, Mikesell Rohde, Ardella M.
Me Meiyssel-Meixel-Mikesell Meixel, Meiyssel, Mikesell Rohd, Ardella M. 1985
Me History Of The Mendenhall Family Mendenhall, Mildenhall, Pearson Mendenhall, Thomas A. 1912
Me Mergler-Katzenbarger-DuBois DuBois, Katzenbarger, Mergler DuBois, Harold L. 1982
Mi Midlam Shultz Byrne, Earhart, Ganger, Hartle, House, Hunter, McCullough, Midlam, Riffle, Shultz Midlam Tom 1994
Mi Miesse Family History Harper, Katzenberger, Miesse Katzenberger, George A. 1982
Mi Mikesell Mikesell Harter, Byron E. 1981
Mi The Mikesell Family, Eleven Generations and Allied Families Mikesell Mikesell, Nadine A. 1984
Mi The Family of Isaiah Miley Ammon, Deininger, Emerson, Kuhlenkamp, Miley Ebeling, Harry G. 1996
Mi 1898 Diary of Isaac E. Miller of Elroy, Ohio Miller Jewell, Ramer B.
Mi Michael Miller Family Record Alley, Andes, Baker, Bowman, Cline, Cook, Cool, Diehl, Flory, Garber, Glick, Huffman, Kline, Landis, Long, Miller, Myers, Roof, Sanger, Smith, Thomas, Wampler, Wenger, Wilson, Wright Mason, Floyd R. and Kathryn G. 1993
Mi Miller Fickle Baldwin Descendants Baldwin, Cook, Davis, Fickle, Miller, Williams Williams, Lawrence A.  1986
Mi Peter Miller A Family And Descendant Study Brewer, Burns, Miller, Overholser, Schrader,  Miller, Elton B. 1993
Mi The Miller Family Tree Miller, Butterbaugh, Hollinger, Cox, Denlinger Miller, Karleen Ann (Wilhelm) 1993
Mi Descendants of the Immigrant Johann Wendel Munch (September 9, 1725 - September 5, 1784) Bierly, Black, Fogelsanger, Laughman, Minnich, Reck, Royer, Shoemaker, Young Mitchell, James R. 
Mi Descendants of Johannes Munch 1599-1683 and Johann Wendel Munch 1725-1784 Fogelsanger, Minnich, Reck, Royer, Shoemaker Minnich, Alva E. 1995
Mo Monnin Family Tree Francis, Groff, Monnin, Neargardner, Simon, Voisard Luthman, Nancy (Monnin) 1990
Mo Descendants Of Joseph Moore And Patience Dean, 1780-1850 Moore Rarick, Vivian and Alden
Mo The Descendants of Joseph Moore and Patience Dean ca1780-1850 Baker, Bushong, Launer, Michael, Miner, Moore, Rapp, Rarick, Riddle, Shock, Woods Rarick, Vivian and Alden 1983
Mo Darke County Recruit A History of Private Mathias L. Morgan 1862-1865 Morgan Morgan, Vinton Lee and Morgan, Peggy Dugger 1996
Mo Descendants Of Daniel And Susan Morgan Morgan Morgan, George S.
Mo Daniel and Susannah (Maugan) Morgan and Their Descendants Large, Morgan, Swank, Scaggs, Windmiller Morgan, Mr. & Mrs. George S. 1982
Mu Murphy and English Families Bevington, Davison, English, Ewing, Murphy, Nicolai
My History Of The Martin Myers Family 1749-1965 Vol. I Beland, Myers, Penry, Tutt Ferguson, Inez Batchelor 1965
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Ni Nicodemus Notes In America Nicodemus Nicodemus, Ivan J. 1995
No Noggle Bowman, Clark, Edington, Ketring, Noggle, Schlechty Harter, Byron E.
No The Families of George and Catherine Noggle Bowman, Clark, Edington, Ketring, Noggle, Schlechty Davis, Virginia 1994
No William Norris Family Black, Fry, Holsapple, Norris,Trissel Diller, Corinne Hanna 1997
No Norris Family of Miami Co., Ohio Hanna, Holsapple, McClannan, Norris, Trissel Diller, Corinne Hanna 1993
No Thomas Norris Family of Frederick Co., MD Meredith, Norris, Phillips, Potts, Urner Diller, Corinne Hanna 1997
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Ob The Oberholtzer Book Bieler, Landis, Leatherman, Martin, Moyer, Oberholtzer, Overholser, Overholt, Richards, Weaver Ford, Barbara B. 1995
O'b O'Brien Roots Ashley, Bretz, Bryant, Howe, Lytle, McEowen, O'Brien, Westlake O'Brien, Thomas Wayne 1983
O'd O'Dell - Hartzell O'Dell, Hartzell
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Pa Palmer Palmer, Rice, Spahr, Seiler Seiler, Toni 1992
Pa The John Paulus Family History Barga, Carity, DeMange, Francis, Klosterman, Lenz, Liette, Magoto, Maher, Marchal, Meehling, Niederkorn, Paulus, Peltier, Poeppelman, Schwartz, Sherman, Thome Paulus, Laura and Francis, Paul 1984
Pe Descendants of Johann Heinrich Petring (Petering)  Blankley, Neely, Nietert, Petering, Rhotehamel Petering, Herbert Leroy 1993
Pl Platfoot Family Bensman, Gehret, Platfoot, Scheer, Schweitzer Mong, Ursena 1993
Po The Poly Family History Barga, Bulcher, Poly, Subler, Treon, Trion, Tryon Gerling, Juanita 1989
Pr Descendants of Roger Preston of Ipswich and Salem Village Brown, Holt, Hooke, Preston, Putnam, Smith Preston, Charles Henry 1931
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Ra More Raricks, An Addition to The Genealogical History of The Descendants of Conrad Rarick (1722-1790), Henry Rarick (1755-1817) and Other Raricks Bookman, Harter, Heeter, Mikesill, Rarick, Rearick, Rorick Rarick, Vivian Short 1989
Ra Rarick Descendants Clapp, Ernst, Flory, Flock, Heeter, House, McNeely, Orcutt, Rarick, Welsh Rarick, Dr. A.J. and Hoffer, Mary
Re Addendum To The Reck Family History 1751-1982 Reck Morton, Ralph W. 1995
Re The Reck Family History, 1754-1982 Bennett, Brown, Campbell, Gilbert, Lecklider, Linder, Miller, Murphy, Myers, Reck, Smith, Stoltz, Thompson, Ullery, Warner Reck, Paul Ashley 1982
Re The Replogle Reprogle Genealogy Cripe, Miller, Replogle Raymond, Edith Madeline Replogle and Replogle, Paul Hudson 1984
Re Replogle-Reprogle Genealogy Replogle, Reprogle 1984
Re The Reynolds Family Of Dayton Chapman, Gardner, Read, Reynolds, Skiles, Upson, Witter, Zane Hughes, Robert Davis 1949
Rh Rhynard Family History 1997 Editon Arnett, Boulis, Brewer, Gott, Mills, Rhynard, Rice, Smith Rhynard, Milton R. 1997
Ri Rice Trails 1717 - 1975 McGriff, Rice, Schaar Shute, Nan Rice 1975
Ri Our Riegle Family Albright, Clark, Cox, Riegle, Weaver Taylor, Charles and Amanda 1986
Ri Branches of a Riggs Family Tree Riggs Riggs, William O., II
Ro Rohrbach Genealogy Bortner, Miler, Rohrbach, Smith Rohrbach, Lewis Bunker 1970
Ro Descendants of Robert Rose of Wethersfield and Branford Connecticut Baker, Clark, Frisbie, Harrison, Hunt, Rose, Smith, Williams Rose, Christine 1983
Ro Family History and Genealogy of John Quincy Ross and Edna Leona Stevenson Faulkner, Haynes, Ross, Stevenson Miller, S. J. 1979
Ru Rudy's of God's House Rudy Winegard, William O.
Ru The Rudys of God's House and Related Families 1574-1985 Baker,Bixler, Hoffa, Krick, Miller, Putt, Rudy, Rummel, Schott, Schweikhart, Zimmerman Wingeard, William Osborne 1986
Ry The Civil War Letters Of Sylvester Rynearson Rynearson Michaels, Edward Rynearson 1981
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Sc The Schieltz Family History Ancestors and Descendants 1715-1992 Baltes, Barga, Bulcher, Goffinet, Goubeaux, Huberty, Magato, Mangen, Schieltz, Simon Schieltz, Ruth C. Wagner 1993
Sc Schlecty Schlechty Family Book PA to Ohio Craig, Kester, McFarland, Rohr, Schlechty, Schlecty, Schlimmer, Weaver Davis, Virginia (Schaaf)  1993
Sc A Genealogy of The Schlosser, Slusser, & Slusher Families of America 1605-1994 Augustine, Baughman, Conwell, Dickerson, Frager, Funk, Harmon, Hylton, Lappin, Leas, McFarland, Miller, Musser, Poffenberger, Schlosser, Slusher, Slusser, Smith, Spangler, Studebaker, Weaver Frappier, Patricia Shaffer 1995
Sc The Schmitt Family History 1810-1983 Goffena, Manier, Pequignot, Schmitt, Subler Mong, Ursena and Banks, Freda 1990
Sc The Schulte Family Tree Volumes I, II, and III Aubry, Blower, Brinkman, Brown, Columbia, Crup, Dancer, Fountain, Grilliot, Hilvers, Linger, Kemper, Mittlekamp, Ruen, Schulte Schulte, Louis Oren 1996
Se Sebring Collections The Genealogy and History of the Family Davis, Philbrick, Rader, Smith, Sebring, Wagoner Sebring, Walter Wilson and Sebring, John Cletus 1975
Se Seiler  Seiler Seiler, Toni 1996
Se Sequel To The House Of Selby Coon, Hinkle, Gebhart, Long, Selby, Temple, Wagner Selby, Louise 1979
Se Sentman/Sandmann/Santman Family Genealogy Clinton, Doseck, Kennedy, Putterbaugh, Sandman, Santman, Sentman Silvey, Helen Graham 1981
Se Seward and Related Families Day, McKay, Seward Seward, George C. 1994
Sh A Shepherd Family Anderson, Beardslee, Campbell, Clark, Cooper, Goleanor, Galeener, Houk, Leonard, Maxwell, Pearson, Shaffer, Shepherd, Smith, Vance, Wynkoop Mumah, Sandra Elaine Heppes 1997
Sh Shilt Schildt -Schilt Shildt Bollinger, Myers, Shilt Shilt, Rose 1989
Sh Shiverdecker Dill, Gibson, Rex, Shiverdecker, Wysong Seiler, Toni
Sm The Smallwood Family Branches Smallwood Cates, Joyce A. and Dalrymple, Jeanne 1994
Sp Spencer Family History Spencer
Sp Spillers Genealogly Anacker, Fausnaugh, Hower, Pence, Schlaack, Spillers Spillers, Wayne, Jennie, and Clark 1986
St The Posterity Of John Adam Stager Baker, Besecker, Fourman, Lehman, Miller, Shanaman, Smith, Stager Fisher, C.J.Z. 1983
St The Stingley Family of Darke County, Ohio "George and Mary "Polly" Stingley" Stingley Mumah, Sandra H.
St The Stingley Family Descendants of John Stingley Bush, Roby, Marquis, Stingley, Williamson Mumah, Sandra E. H. 1991
St Stöver Stoever Staver Stiver The Ancestry and Descendants of Johann Caspar Stoever Elser, Heltzel, James, Miller, Schuder, Shaffer, Staver, Stiver, Stover Stiver, Vernon and Donaldson, Patricia R. 1992
St The Strait Line Barker, Beam, Boze, Burgess, Elliott, Murphy, Scoles, Shannon, Smith, Strait, Wright Birum, Gerald Strait 1990
St The Studebaker Family In America, 1736-1976 Adams, Anderson, Baker, Berkebile, Berkey, Brown, Denlinger, Emory, Gardner, Gordon, Gump, Hershberger, Hoffman, Humphrey, Johnson, Meals, Miller, Neher, Penrod, Pisor, Rummel, Shaffer, Smith, Studebaker, Studybaker, Thompson, Warner, Weaver Carlock, Walter and Faust, Alvin Girard and Miller, E. Irene 1976
St The Studebaker Family In America, 1736-1986 Adams, Anderson, Baker, Berkebile, Blocher, Brown, Clark, Davis, Denlinger, Garrison, Gordon, Gump, Hershberger, Humphrey, Johnson, Jones, Miller, Myers, Neher, Penrod, Pisor, Rummel, Shaffer, Smith, Studebaker, Studybaker, Thomas, Thompson, Warner, Weaver Studebaker, Ruth Epler and Emmert 1986
Sw Sketches and Genealogy of The Swinger Family in America Deeter, Kreider, Miller, Royer, Swinger, Winger Minnich, Levi 1940
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Te Descendants of Abraham Tegarden Bailey, Burton, Criger, Hargett, Hays, Jones, Miller, Russell, Shryock, Smith, Teagarden, Teegarden, Tegarden Vogt, Helen Elizabeth 1988
Th Sylvester Thompson, Ohio Pioneer and Descendants Beard, Fletcher, Hill, Thompson Thompson, Harold and Glenda 1979
Th My Thompson Line Moore, Raab, Thompson Raab, Paul 1993
Ti Spes Alit Agricolam (Hope Sustains The Farmer) the Tilghman (Tillman) and Allied Families 1225-1961 Adkins, Baker, Brown, Clark, Davis, Hall, Harris, Johnson, Jones, Loy, McNutt, Martin, Miller, Moore, Morris, Norman, Parker, Pfander, Reed, Ringold, Rogers, Smith, Thompson, Tillman, White, Williams, Wilson Tillman, Stephen Frederick 1962
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Tr Trick Family Tapestry Haber, Miller, Smith, Speelman, Thomas, Trick, Whitesel Leedom, Phyllis Hart and Shoot, Carol Trick 1997
Tr The George Frederick (Fred) Trittschuh Lineage Branch Trittschuh Oehrtman, Ruth
Tr The Trittschuh Tree Trittschuh Oehrtman, Ruth
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Ul Descendants of Ullom, Ollom, Wollam Bartow, Bissett, Dixon, Gray, Harter, Hickey, Hughes, Johnson, Moninger, Ollam, Parker, Thomas, Thompson, Ullom, Ulm, Wollam Nichols, Wayne F. 
Ul A Brief History of The Ulloms Ollam, Ullom, Woolam Weimer, Florence Mitchell 1963
Un Underwood Biographical Dictionary Anderson, Brown, Jones, Moore, Smith, Underwood, Young Galleener-Moore, Laverne 1993
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Va The Van Cleef Family Van Cleef Ledley, Wilson V. 1976
Va The Vance Family Scrapbook Anthony, Brill, Cline, Davis, Garwood, Hawk, Kline, McKeever, Mills, Schreel, Swisher, Switzer, Vance Vance, Joseph H. 1970
Vi A Viets Genealogy Dr. John Viets and His Descendants Brown, Case, Griffin, Phelps, Rice, Smith, Viets Schell, Dorothy Dean 1990
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Wa Wagemann Family Genealogy and History Brown, Bryant, Ennis, Hoover, Inbody, Miller, Rhorer, Sherwood, Smith, Thornburn, Wagemann, White, Wogoman, Zang Wagaman, Paul Duane 1991
Wa Waggoner Wagoner Wagner of Berks Co. PA and Darke Co. Ohio Cox, Dunn, Emrick, Kercher, McCabe, Parent, Stephens, Waggoner, Wagner, Wagoner Ebeling, Harry G. 1995
Wa Johannes Werbel and His Descendants The Warvel - Warble Family History 1740-1992 Supplement Noland, Hoover, Kretzer, Warble, Warvel, Wintermoyer Morton, Ralph W. and Warvel, John H. Jr. 1992
Wa Wartenbe Genealogy Ancestors and Descendants of William and Catherine (White) Wartenbe of New Jersey, Virginia and Ohio Babayco, Cotton, Denman, Everett, Ford, Leonhardt, Scoville, Smith, Wanamaker, Wartenbe Ford, Mary Esther 1987
Wa Footnotes To 'One Line Of Descent In The Waybright Family'  Waybright Waybright, Evelyn M. and R. J.
Wa Weybrecht/Weybright/Waybright Vol. I & II Waybright Waybright, Evelyn M. and Waybright, Roger J. 1981
Wa One Line Of Descent In The Waybright Family Waybright, Weybrecht Waybright, Evelyn M. and R. J. 1986
We Webb Webb Gross, Bessie Eunice Webb 1994
We Book of Weider 1530-1992 Weider Weider, Richard E. 1992
We Descendants Of Matthew Welch and Mary Catherine Welch Welch Welch, Charles A., Jr.
We Descendants of Matthew Welch and Mary Catherine Welsh Byrum, Heniscey, LeFevre, Matthews, Midlam, Welch, Welsh Welch, Charles A. Jr.
We Wenger Memoirs Wenger Wenger, C. M.
We Our Wenger Family Wenger, Alexander, Taylor Taylor, Charles and Amanda 1986
We The Wenger Book Anderson, Beery, Blosser, Brubacher, Buckwalter, Burkholder, Dettwiler, Eberly, Geil, Good, Graybill, Groff, Grove, Hershey, Hoover, Horst, Landis, Lehman, Martin, Miller, Myers, Rhodes, Shank, Showalter, Weaver, Weber, Wenger, Zimmerman Wenger, Jay V. 1989
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We The Men From Wengen and America's Agony The Wenger-Winger-Wanger History including Christian Wenger, 1718 Barnhart, Barr, Brandon, Coble, Deitrick, Dittmore, Eby, Evans, Fetzer, Foster, Geaubaux, Gilbert, Hager, Hess, Hoenie, Keeler, Lawrence, Limes, Marker, McGrew, McKee, Mendenhall, Passwater, Pierstorff, Pyle, Ribble, Robinson, Sipes, Smith, Thomas, Wanger, Wenger, Winger, Watters, Woods, and Yeager Fetzer, John E. 1971
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Wi The John Wiant Family of Mifflin Co., PA Wian, Wion, Wyan
Wi Willard Family Birt, Middleton, Oliver, Pepple, Peters, Phelps, Redinbaugh, Skinner, Willard Willard, Leora Pepple 1967
Wi Wilt Family Tree Bruss, Weis, Wilt Weaver, Penelope Ann Weis
Wi The Windemuth Family Heritage 1996 Vol. 1 and 2 Brown, Cook, Decker, Dennis, Merrill, Miller, Moore, Rhodes, Shackelton, Smith, Snover, Strawn, Windermuth, Wintermote, Wintermute Wintermute, James Woodrow, Editor 1996
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Wo History of Isaac, John, and Noah Wood Family Corbly, Genung, Messinger, Walter, Wood Houghton, Betty Wood 1990
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Wo Notes to Our Grandchildren (Woods) DeWeese, Peden, Stevens, Stover, Trautman, Woods Woods, K. B. and Vivian
Wo Woods - Peden Genealogy Harvey, Miller, Peden, Prescott, Smith, Woods Woods, John L. 1991
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Yo Descendants and Ancestors of Charles Edgar and Pearl Ann (Davidson) Young Blackburn, Bradt, Bratt, Brandon, Cole, Coppess, Davidson, Hornbeck, Puterbaugh, Reesor, Resor, Robinett, Swisher, Van Cleve, Westfall, Wise, Young
Zi The Family Of Henry Zimmerman of Pennsylvania and Ohio Butts, Coldren, Dresback, Dunham, Eggleston, Gamble, Graves, Sutherland, Webster, Zimmerman Garman, Leo H. 1985

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