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The day after the List was born, along came the Web Page! As you will see, I didn't have a clue what to do with it after it was created! 

Date: Wed, 6 Dec 1995 10:48:07 -8500 <EST)
From: Jane Torres <jetorres@indiana.edu>
To: Hugh Henning, Adele Corbin, Alan Albright, Bob Harter, Joe Bosserman, Joe Weber, Jack Wise, Wally Garchow, Dan Wenger
Subject; Darke Co., Ohio

Hello Everybody,

I have heard from several of you who were pleased about the creation of a list of some kind to connect DCO researchers. So now, what do we do with it? How can we use it to our best advantage? Please send ideas.

It was mentioned that I didn't include e-mail addresses. That was intentional, although most of you probably figured out who was who. I thought perhaps that some of you might prefer not to have it distributed. If you would, please reply to me regarding your wishes and I will post the consenting names with e-mail addresses.

Along the lines of paragraph one, yesterday in my "ezinfo" account, a co-worker and I issued the command "spinweb" and like magic I have a web page! I think that it will be titled "Jane's Genes" (now is that catchy or what...). I want it to have a Darke Co. focus and am hoping to include some source material (in which the web is sorely lacking at this point but beginning to pick up on) but I have to watch copyright (anyone have any pointers on this?). I would like to have a list of DCO researchers and their e-mail or snail mail addresses (with permission) and the families or locations they are working on; list of published DCO books perhaps with their availability; the locations and content of the Miami valley Genealogy Index (content meaning general info about what the Index indexes); original family information links; etc. That means if you all would like to write something original (but not too lengthy) about your families or your locale, I would really like to have it mounted, also I would solicit surfers to submit material of their own but it would have to be editorially approved (can this list serve as an editorial board to pass submissions through?).

These are just some of my hair-brained ideas. PLEASE tell me what won't work and why. Oh, and I didn't mention that this page will probably take _quite__ a while to bring up as I know zip at this point about html files. I _do_ know that they are ascii files with html codes inserted so anything submitted would just have to be in ascii. Like I said, please give me some feed-back.

Take Care, 
Jane Barr Torres  jetorres@indiana.edu

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