Darke County Genealogical Researchers Old Darke County newspaper items and articles 
Jack Curtner in Racing Accident
The Daily News-Tribune 
Greenville, Ohio 
Old Vol. 1-No. 306; New Vol. 2-No. 50 
Monday May 28, 1923 

Murder at Osgood

June 11, 1885

Sherman H. Shultz passed away April 27, 2002. In going through his affects we came upon a box full little rolls of newspaper clippings. Most were obits and others were very interesting letters to the editor. Since so many of them were from before he was born we figured either his Mother or Grandmother had done them as a hobby. He kept them all these years and none of us ever knew of them.  Dale Motschman
Happenings in March & April 1903 Happenings in May & June 1903 Back in the Year 1877
Burials in 1916 (Ansonia area) Interesting Letter by Dr. W. D. Cole Mrs. Sarah Jane Riffle Killed by Auto
Mrs. Elizabeth Bickel is Ill The Roy Kinter Family Have Typhoid Fever (R. D. Beem) Editor is Papa (Paul Coleman)
Ansonia Personals George W. Byard 64th Birthday Celebration Ware Family Reunion
Mrs. A. G. Smith 66th Birthday Party Feb. 1903 Mrs. James Lorton 35th Birthday Surprise Sept. 1905 "Dryest" Ansonia Sept. 1905
Personal Mention Greenville Daily Tribune Nov. 1920 The Courts Greenville Daily Tribune Nov. 1920 Grange News 1930
Court News

Poetry & other items published in early 1900s Ansonia & Greenville newspapers

A Christmas Phone Message by Jeannette Cadwallader April Edison from the Pittsburg Dispatch
I Weary Sometimes of the World Music At Home by Fred H. Yaple My Funny Fumbly Bumble-Bee by Minnie Leona Upton
They Called Her Blanche Too Late by James J. Montague Vigorous Old Age
When The World Goes Dry by Ted Robinson in the Cleveland Plain Dealer Willie by Mrs. Ora Webster Work from the Boston Transcript
Some of the newspaper articles are incomplete and publish dates are not included. Please contact DCOWeb if you know when these events happened.