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Sherman H. Shultz passed away April 27, 2002. In going through his affects we came upon a box full little rolls of newspaper clippings. Most were obits and others were very interesting letters to the editor. Since so many of them were from before he was born we figured either his Mother or Grandmother had done them as a hobby. He kept them all these years and none of us ever knew of them. Dale Motschman
MAIN NAME                    DATE        LOCATION                 RELATIVES               RELATIVES
Ader, Joseph                 1856-1903   Ansonia                  Kline         Maray
Anderson, C. M., General                 Darke County
Bailey, Sarah                1849-1898   York Twp.
Baughman, Mary (Studebaker)  1831-1908   Ansonia
Baughman, Mary Ellen         1844-1914   Ansonia                  Petersimes    Shultz
Beam, M. O.                  1843-1914   Ansonia                  Winterrowd
Beam, Martin Ozias           1842-1914   Ansonia                  Risinger      Winterrowd    Bachm   Bayman
Beamblossom, Mrs. Soloman                North Star               Davis
Beisner, Lizzie              1857-1927   Ansonia                  Leis/Harmon   Smith/Brumbaugh   Swartz
Bollinger, John                          Greenville Twp.          Sweet         Brumbaugh
Bowers, Catherine (Judy)     1813-1905   Rose Hill                Judy
Bowers, John                 1815-1872   Darke County             Judy          Emerick
Boxwell, George D.                       Greenville               Judd
Boze, Frank H.               1897-1918   Greenville
Brandon, Riley M.            1849-1922   Darke County             Shafer        Kershner/Thomas   Davison/Hoke
Brighton, Dicy               1843-1900   Ansonia
Brown, Clem E.                           Darke County
Buchanan, John                           Greenville               Werts         Ross
Cochran, A.M.                1834-1904   Darke County
Cole, Mrs. W. D.             1850-1925   Ansonia/Boston           Aultman
Collett, Henry                           Ansonia                  Clarey        Johnson
Collett, Sarah Ann (Deardoff)1839-1906   Brown Twp.               Collett       Hankinson/Baird   Sink/Baker/Bell
Collins, Samuel Snell        1819-1903   Dawn/Ansonia             Cairus        McDowell          Ullery
Condon, Florence Iva         1892-1905   Darke County             Sneary
Curtner, Mary C.             1865-1903   Ansonia                  Ryan
Dalton, Myrtle V.  (Shultz)  1904-1934   Ansonia                  Shultz        Motschman         Williams
Deardoff, Sarah Ann          1839-1906   Warren/Darke             Collett
Death, Helen Gould           1902-1922   Darke County             Washington    Gould
Death, Helen                 1902-1922   Darke County             Washington
Deleplaine, Jobe DeCamp      1895-1922   Greenville               Crawford      Grim              Zimmers
Detling, Doris                           Ansonia
Detling, Jacob J.            1841-1921   Ansonia                  Jefferson     Lephart           Westfall
Devor, James                             Darke County
Dill, William H.             1839-1920   Darke County             Crum          Hartle            Reed
Elson, Benjamin F.                       Woodington               Brewer
Fisher, Barbara Ellen        1851-1930   Ansonia                  Sipple        Baughman          Russ/Wills
Frantz, George W.            1865-1929   Versailles               Silvers       Francie           Marker
Gephart                                  Darke County             Rex
Gilpin, Rev. R. M.                       Ansonia
Ginder, R. C.                             Greenville Twp
Grimes, Eli Ellsworth        1893-1918   Greenville               Newbaurer
Hammer, Isaac Clay           1850-       W. VA./Ansonia           Snyder
Hammer, William H.           1858-1896   Darke County             Borders
Hampshire, Mrs. Wesley                   Allen Twp.               Keller
Hansberger, Earl             1893-1925   Ansonia                  DeFord
Harman, Eliza (Beery)        1842-1929   Beamsville               Trissel
Hartle, Sidney (Brandon)     1827-1891   Darke County             Brandon
Hervey, Nannie Boxwell       1873-1926   Fort Wayne, Ind.         Boxwell       Eiler             Rippetoe
Heater, Eli                              Ansonia                  Black         Winterhalter
Hershey, Warren & Grace                  Darke County
Hervy, Jotham C.             1842-1921   Darke County             Miles         Deardorf
Hier, Ellen                  1838-1903   Darke County             Fulrod
Hoeffer, Chas. William, Rev. 1852-       Darke County
Hooven, W. E., Dr.                       Darke County/Dayton      Reed
Hunt, Mrs. A. J.             1857-1899   Greenville
Irvin, John Cunningham       1845-1909   Ansonia                  Irwin/Irvin   McCandless        Urschel
Jackson, John                   5 mos.   Darke County
Jay, Laurinda                1817-1911   Jaysville
Jennings, Violet Elizabeth               Greenville
Kenworthy, Walter G.         1898-1983   Darke County             Shultz        Crowe/Didier      Hoffman
Knox, Hon. John Riley        1820-1898   Darke County Bar         Briggs        Lansdowne
Laurimore, Mary C.                       Greenville               McCleary      Whallon           White
Lecklider, Thomas B.                     Greenville Twp.
Lephart, Sarah Jane (Moyer)  1843-1922   Brown Twp.               Stump         Foreman/Riffle    Poling/Westfall
Mallott, Tracy                           Darke County/Middletown  Stewart       McClary
Mann, Henry                              Rossburg                 Harbison
Marquis, Florence            1889-1908   Darke County             Condon        Mote
McKay, Arthur W.                         Brown Twp.
McKinley, Mrs. William                   Canton, Ohio
McMinnis, Calvin             1851-1903   Ansonia                  Light
Middleton, Frank                         Darke County             Lorton        Wise              Hufnagle
Miller, John                             Ansonia
Niswonger, Henry             1862-1922   Coletown                 Crane
Oliver, Amanda Lemons        1815-1897   Darke County             Shaffer
Ott, Barbara                             Darke Co./Lewisburg      York
Peters, John Jacob           1839-       Ansonia
Petersimes, Lillian May      1872-1938   Ansonia                  Shultz/McNay  Hansen/Doty       Beachler
Petersimes, Mary Ellen       1844-1914   Ansonia                  Baughman      Shultz
Poling, John J.              1875-1929   Ansonia                  Smith         Roll/Vernon       Thomas
Poling, Susan (Beery)        1841-1922   Darke County             Thomas        Harmon
Rarrick, Jonas                           North Star
Reddick, Daniel Leonard      1861-1929   Ansonia                  Brooks        Bigham            Arnold
Richards, Daniel                         Ansonia
Richards, Jacob              1839-1899   Ansonia                  Ewry
Richter, Wesley                          Brown Twp.               Broderick     Strait
Riffle, Anna Eliza           1818-1914   Ansonia                  Baughman
Riffle, Sarah Jane                       Darke County             Hunt          Mason             Irelan
Robbins, Harry Guy           1882-1897   Woodington
Roberts, Chalmer                         New Madison
Ruh, Mary                    1892-1916   Ansonia                  Lindermood
Schmermund, Mary                         Greenville               Hankins
Searl, Malissa White         1842-1926   Ansonia                  White         Wilson
Selby, William                           Darke County
Shields, Mary O.(Baker)      1901-1997   Darke County             Reichard      Aukerman
Shook, Ralps                             Rossburg
Shook, Russel Marion         1898-1931   Rossburg                 Ross          Minton
Shultz, Fredrica L. (Olt)    1888-1983   Ansonia                  Kuhlman
Shultz, Sherman H.           1905-2002   Ansonia                  McNay/Doty    Beachler/Williams Motschman/Wilt
Snook, Daniel M.                         Union City               Eichelbarger  Strough           Conklin
Sproull, Mabel C.            1882-1929   Darke County             Ziler
Sprowl, Sarah                            Ansonia                  Light
Staight, Morton Forest       1882-1903   Ansonia
Stentzel, John Jacob (2)     1853-1926   Ansonia                  Peters        Baughman          Egger
Stephen, John Calvin (1)     1851-1930   Brown Twp.               Boze/Scofield Worrel /World    Sharp / Peck
Stephen, John Calvin (2)     1851-1930   Brown Twp.               Boze/Scofield Worrel /World    Sharp / Peck
Strait, Nancy Adeline        1858-1919   Darke County             Bailey        Collins
Sullivan, Thomas                 -1911   Darke County
Thomas, Charles              1841-1922   Ansonia                  Zacharias     Hearth
Thomas, Dora                             Darke County             Campbell
Tucker, May Louise           1881-1899   Ansonia
Urshel, Louis                1830-1905   Darke County             Klein         Bittman
VanScoyk, Abner              1821-1905   Darke County             Dayton        Wolf Creek
Walter, Horace Court 'Duke'  1866-       Warren/Darke Cos.        Halloway
Wampler, George H.           1828-1910   Rossburg                 Riffle
Warvel, John H.              1818-1898   Pikeville                Sanders       Holliway/Horney   Baker/Beenblossom
Warvel, John Ralph               -1931   Ansonia                  Litton
Warvel, Rebecca              1832-1909   Beamsville               Davison
Washburn, Rev. Louis A.                  Southern Ohio            Campbell
Weinheld, Henry                          Greenville/Muncie
Weitzel, Chris               1836-       Ansonia/White Hall, Ill.  Franzmann
Weitzell, Henry              1844-1910   Ansonia
Werts, John                              Miami County             Bell          Webb              Brown/Bewry
White, Minnie                            Ansonia/Dayton           Duncan
Williamson, Sarah Jane       1844-       Rossburg
Winn, Charles C.                 -1918   Ansonia
Wise, J. B.                              Woodington               Kimmel        Higgins
Wise, James Buchanan         1857-1930   Woodington               Middleton     Higgins           Kimble
Wise, James Buchanan             -1930   Woodington               Ansonia       Lodge No. 488     F.& A.M.
Wolf, Eliza Ann                          Ansonia/Dallas
York, David                              Greenville               Lenich        Oliver            Matthews
York, Irene May              1873-1925   Beamsville               Brandon       Seigmunt          Martin/Hoke
Younker, Dorothy             1828-1904   Richland Twp.            Winters
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