Bible Record of Elias Oliver Reck & Sarah Ann Henning
(Original record / Bible in the possession of Ralph Morton, now deceased.)

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Family Register

Elias O. Reck and Sarah A. Henning were united in Holy mattrimony on Sunday the 24th. day of December, 1865, at the home of her parents.


Elias O. Reck was born July 31st. 1836
Sarah A. Reck was born July 30th. 1845
Lilly B. Reck was born October 11th. 1866, Thursday.
Barbary Etta Reck was born July 21st. 1868, Tuesday.
Maggie Jane Reck was born September 12th. 1870, Monday.
Lorena Pearl Reck was born May 25th. 1873, Sunday.
Infant baby born May 25th. 1873, Sunday (twin).
Charles Lewis Edward Reck was born June 19th. 1875, Saturday.
Isaac Oliver Reck was born October 28th. 1877, Sunday.
Minnie Catharine Reck was born January 20th. 1881, Thursday.
Orell Curtis Reck was born June 19th. 1883, Sunday.
Goldie M. Reck was born May 18th. 1886, Tuesday.
Glenn Alford Reck was born January 11th. 1889, Friday.


Orell Curtis Reck died March 20th. 1962, Tuesday.
Lillie Reck Lecklider died January 1, 1954, age 87 yrs., 2 mo., 20da.
Elias O. Reck died May 14, 1906, age 69yrs., 9mo., 14da.
Goldie M. Reck died February 21, 1910, age 23yrs., 7mo., 3da.
Maggie Jane Reck died August 13, 1871, age 11 mo., 1 da.
Isaac Oliver Reck died Feb. 5, 1879, age 15mo., 8da.
Lorena Pearl Reck died October 25th., 1889, age 16yrs., 5mo.
Glenn Alford Reck died October 8th. 1896, age 7 yrs., 9mo., 27da.
Sarah Ann Reck died December 27, 1917.
Adeline Swallow Wills died November 9, 1917, age 26yrs., 8mo., 14da.
Bonnie Claretta Wills Nealeigh died April 19, 1937.
Lewis Elsworth Wills died August 10, 1938.

Submitted by:
Michael O. Reck
July 19, 2003

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Note: The copy I have is a Xerox copy of the original Bible Record which his family now has in their possession. No other information is known about the Bible or year.