Bible Record of Jacob and Maggie Boyd

The Bible of Jacob & Maggie BOYD was given to me by my Grandmother, Margaret E. (PEARSON) RECK about 14 years ago (ca. 1989). The Bible was worn and with no cover. The entries made in the Bible was from my Great-great grandfather, Jacob W. BOYD. Three pages contained information that was incomplete. The pages are faded and also worn from age and from mis-handling of the Bible through the years.

The Bible has no forward to tell of the year it was published. It was no ordinary Bible. It was called "A Complete Analysis Of The Holy Bible". It had 1,056 pages before it came to the written information of the BOYD Family.

Page 1: Family Record Births

The first page is incomplete. Written in Jacob's hand, in ink, lists his name and birth.
Jacob W. BOYD, born May 27th. AD 1843
Second is his wife, Margaret Elizabeth (SHAFFER) BOYD's name and birth in ink.
Maggie E. BOYD, born Aug. 19th. AD 1851
Next lists their firstborn child:
Armenta May BOYD, born Jan'y. 1st. 1869
Next written in pencil and faded and hard to read, list second born daughter:
Ida Belle BOYD, born March 7th, 1871
Written in ink, is the next child: a daughter:
Norah JAYNE BOYD, born April 12th., 1873
In faded pencil is written the first son born:
Harry Alberta BOYD, born May 9th., 1875

Jacob & Maggie had five (5) more children but were omitted from the Bible Record.
Nellie S. BOYD, born Nov.4th, 1880
Catharine Delilah BOYD, born Jan. 24, 1883
Charles Franklin BOYD, born Sept. 18, 1885
Arthur BOYD born Sept 29, 1888
Florence M. BOYD, born Dec. 15, 1891
There may have been another child in between Harry & Nellie. No proof has been documented as of 1998.

Page 2: Marriages

The only marriage listed is for Jacob & Margaret BOYD.
Jacob W. BOYD and Maggie E. SHAFFER was married May the 10th. 1868 by Nathan Hole, Esqr. (Darke County, Ohio)

Page 3: Deaths

There were only two entries made in this section. The first done in ink and the last in pencil, which my grandmother said that Florence (BOYD) GEIGER made this entry in pencil with no date. Possibly years after Arthur BOYD died.
Armenta May BOYD died December AD 1871
Arthur BOYD died

Note: Jacob W. BOYD married his first cousin, Margaret "Maggie" Elizabeth SHAFFER, daughter of Elias SHAFFER & Delilah BOYD. Delilah was the sister to Joseph W. BOYD, Sr., father to Jacob W. BOYD.

Submitted by:
Michael O. Reck
July 19, 2003