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In the beginning . . .

Dec. 1995 DCO List

The Darke County List by Jane Barr Torres

I had come to know some other online DCO researchers when I first began on Prodigy. I met Linda Stephens as early as 1993. Then I began to use Fidonet and that is where I met Wally, Joe Bosserman, and Michael Reck. Through these two services, I "met" several more people interested in Darke County genealogy and I decided to begin a Darke County distribution list from my IU e-mail. The year was 1995 and that's how the DCO list began. By Jan. 1996 I had started the DCO list in its present form on the IU majordomo server.

The very first message by Jane Barr Torres

I just came across a bit of history that might be of interest to some of you. In some printouts that I have, I found the birth of this list - the very first message when it became a distribution list (just before it became a majordomo list). From the To: line below, ONLY Hugh Henning and Alan Albright are no longer with us! All of the rest have stayed (I bow to the LOYAL ONES)! If interested, read on - some of it's pretty funny.


Creation of the first DCO Web page Dec. 6, 1995 Email


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